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L’Institut français de Finlande s’est associé à EMMA (Espoo Museum of Modern Art), qui figure parmi les plus importants musées de Finlande, pour l’exposition de Sophie Calle « Prenez soin de vous » (photographies et vidéos). Cette manifestation constitue un événement important de la vie culturelle finlandaise et gratifie la Fête de la francophonie célébrée tout le mois de mars.
JPG - 8.7 ko

L’exposition « Prenez soin de vous » de l’artiste conceptuelle française Sophie Calle a déjà été présentée en des lieux prestigieux tels la Biennale de Venise ; la Bibliothèque nationale de France ; la Paula Cooper Gallery de New York ; la SESC Pompéia de Sao Paulo ; le musée d’Art moderne de Salvador ; la Whitechapel Gallery de Londres ; le musée d’Art moderne de Rio de Janeiro ; le musée d’Art contemporain de Tilbirg ; le Kunstihone de Tallin (Tallin- Capitale européenne de la Culture).

Lettre de rupture

Le point de départ de cette exposition de photographies est la lettre de rupture reçue par l’artiste de son ex-compagnon, l’écrivain Grégoire Bouillier. L’artiste a eu l’idée d’inviter 107 femmes célèbres ou non, choisies pour leur métier, à répondre à un e-mail de rupture qui lui était à l’origine adressé.

Sophie Calle était très attendue en Finlande, où elle figure parmi les artistes contemporains français les plus connus. Ses œuvres ont d’ailleurs déjà été exposées au musée d’Art de Helsinki il y a dix ans, avec beaucoup de succès.

JPG - 14.1 ko
Photo d’Emma la clown répondant à la lettre de rupture reçue par Sophie Calle.

Infos pratiques :
- Exposition du 2 mars au 10 juin 2012 ;
- Musée d’Art moderne d’Espoo (EMMA) ;
- Fermé le lundi ; Mardi, jeudi, vendredi : 11-18 heures ; Mercredi 11-20 (gratuit de 18 à 20 heures) ; samedi et dimanche de 11h à 17 heures.


Crédits photographiques. Courtesy Sophie Calle.


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Maurice Benayoun. D.R.

French Pioneer New Media Artist Maurice Benayoun
Forecasts World’s Emotions at Streaming Museum’s 4th
Anniversary Celebration at Big Screen Plaza, NYC

New York, NY — Streaming Museum, an international public art and online museum, will celebrate its fourth anniversary on January 31 with the US premiere of “Emotion Forecast” and “Occupy Wall Screens,” real-time artworks by the renowned French artist Maurice Benayoun. The exhibition will be on view for one month at Big Screen Plaza in New York City and through 2012 at StreamingMuseum.org

The opening reception will take place from 6 to 8 pm on January 31 at the Eventi Hotel’s Bar Basque, designed by futurist Syd Mead (839 Avenue of the Americas). Guests will enjoy dramatic views of the exhibition on the big screen in the presence of Benayoun who will also give a lecture at Columbia University and at Parsons the New School for Design.




Emotion Forecast. © Maurice Benayoun

“EMOTION FORECAST” and “OCCUPY WALL SCREENS” are part of Maurice Benayoun’s ongoing series on the “Mechanics of Emotions” which translate emotions into maps, performances, the Vending Machines, and sculpture relics of the world.

Using a system similar to the one employed in weather forecasting to measure the movement of clouds, « Mechanics of Emotion » applies data collected from search engines to map and assess emotional trends. For example, « Occupy Wall Screens » compares the emotional trends of cities active in the OWS movement to the market trend of financial stocks. 99% down, 1% up!

Benayoun wonders, “what would happen if economy and trade were based on the emotional state of the planet,” asking, “Shouldn’t we follow changes, major mood swings, trouble spikes of

Emotion Forecast. © Maurice Benayoun

human moods as we do the weather forecast and the stock market?”

Through the “Mechanics of Emotion” art series, Benayoun explores that idea, displaying and anticipating the emotional state of the world as it undergoes major upheavals and predicting how the market will respond. In other words, he has created a prediction service of emotional statistics.

Nina Colosi, Founder of Streaming Museum is “delighted to have the opportunity to present the first US solo exhibition of Maurice Benayoun whose social commentary and groundbreaking use of technology and the internet are relevant to the focus of Streaming Museum.”

Maurice Benayoun, born in 1957 in Mascara, Algeria, is a pioneer new-media artist and theorist based in Paris. His art employs various media, including and often combining video, immersive virtual reality, the Web, wireless technology, performance, large-scale urban art installations and interactive exhibitions. Benayoun’s work has been exhibited worldwide and he has received numerous international awards and prizes, including the coveted Ars Electronica Golden Nica. He is co-founder and art director of the CITU research center (Création Interactive Transdisciplinaire Universitaire), and H2H Lab (Human to Human Lab), Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne and Paris 8 Universities, dedicated to research and creation in the emerging forms of art.

The artworks have been developed by Robin Gareus, at the CiTu-Paragraphe Lab of Paris 8 University, in the frame of The Art Collider project as a part of the PUF program of the FACE Foundation in collaboration with the SFAI (San Francisco Art Institute). Benayoun.com

Streaming Museum is the first global public space and online hybrid museum with collaborating locations and cultural centers on 7 continents.

The Big Screen Plaza is a creative initiative to promote art, culture and entertainment in a public venue. BSP seeks out creative content from non-web based sources in order to bring fresh thoughts and visuals to our audience. The goal of BSP is to continuously aggregate content to our outdoor LED screen while also establishing a network of portals where content may be viewed. BSP is built upon shared experiences. The 30 x 16.5 ft. HD format screen is located at 29th Street and 6th Avenue, adjacent to the Eventi Hotel. For more information visit www.bigscreenplaza.com.


EXHIBITION: French multi-media artist, Maurice Benayoun’s real-time artworks, “Emotion Forecast” and “Occupy Wall Screens”
Date/Time: January 31 – February 28, Big Screen Plaza. Consult bigscreenplaza.org for Streaming Museum’s February schedule
Location: 851 Avenue of the Americas, between 29th to 30th Streets behind Eventi Hotel
Directions: N, R to 28th Street or N, Q, R to Herald Square, 34th street; 1, 2, 3 to 28th St or Penn Station
Price: Free

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Credits : copyright Electronic Shadow 2011

The history of the French group Electronic Shadow began in 2000. The architect Naziha Mestaoui and the multimedia director Yacine Aït Kaci gathered their talents to express a world without bounders between the different practices (art, architecture, design, live shows…).
Together they developed a new field, inventing in 2003 the interactive 3D video mapping, and exploring the contemporary links between material world and immaterial, creating a new hybrid reality. Connecting sciences, art and philosophy, Electronic Shadow conceives a personal poetic language, using the last technologies to design emotions and experiences for the audience.
Their work were rewarded by many prices such as Japan Media Art Festival Price in 2004 for «3minutes² », and their installations are shown all over the world (MOMA in New York, the Grand Palais, Palais de Tokyo or Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Museum of Contemporary Photography in Tokyo, Biacs – Biennale of Contemporary art of Sevilla, SESI in Sao Paulo,

Credits : copyright Electronic Shadow 2011

MOCA in Shanghai….). For some specific projects, they collaborate with architects such as Jakob+MacFarlane for the Frac Center Orléans in 2012 or with the choreographer Carolyn Carlson for « Double Vision » (2006). They just had a personal exhibition in Musée Granet of Aix-en-Provence visited by 35 000 people.
Discovering the world of Chaos Theory by Electronic Shadow is like taking a deep breath and entering a world that is both, fascinating and frightening. Fascinating by the force of the image that catches the eye. Frightening by the expandable rhythm impulsed by the presence of the public who is aware of his power. As many of its previous work, Electronic Shadow offers an environment where the public can disturb the work, like a catalyzer of energy able to impulse it or not, by its own presence on the piece of art. As the well-known butterfly movement that can change the world on the other side of the planet following the theory of the meteorologist and physician Lorentz, even the tiny movement of the spectator produces something and influences the flow of the work. Not only spectator but also actor of the world that appears in front of him, the public becomes aware of its faculty to change the order, far away from the utopic order.

The philosopher Merleau-Ponty used to say, « the classical perspective is a way the human being invent to project in front of him how the world is seen and not the decalcomania of the world ». Chaos Theoryis the exact opposite of the idea of the aspiration to regulate life and to open on a space where nature deals with eternal beauty as it was spread in the 18th and 19th centuries. Inspired from the scientific universe, as many of their previous installations (Superfluidity, 2009), Chaos Theory is in one way the mother of all the theories because its subject relates precisely to the impredictibility and the exponential amplification of errors or lapses of memory. Even tiny changes can occur huge consequences by the phenomena of concatenation. Before the public enters the room everything is still silent and peaceful. But its presence exponentially disturbs the veil which evolves thanks to ventilation and thus starts a spellbinding dance while the images accelerate, become deformed then change to make us rock in another dimension and a new state. Both, the energy of the movement and the glance of the public on the work transform radically the piece, that keeps the memory of the presence, like an echo of the interaction a long time after the last visitor has gone. In its work, Electronic Shadow composes with reality and transforms it to give a form to visual poetry. The image draws its force to the union to physical phenomena as wind, water or fire. In this specific work, the thin veil is the image itself of the natural elements (images of lava) projected on it and turn to be a magic river spreading on the floor. The topographic oscillations of this landscape moving are translated in the sound environment, composed in collaboration with Stephan Haeri (2square, telepopmusik). Thus, Chaos Theory includes the spectator in the middle of the device in the constant tension between determinism and instability, fate and freedom and the place of each one in balance and the universal harmony. With Electronic Shadow, the installation becomes a reality expansible to infinity, a support for interactive projection in which the interface or focal center remains the inhabitant or the visitor, an organic being of flesh, blood and imagination… Chaos Theory is one of their last interactive piece slightly inspired by a moment of their show Double Vision created with Carolyn Carlson in 2006.
First, it was presented in a monumental show for the Grand Palais in Paris and for the exhibition of Electronic Shadow in Granet museum (Aix-en-Provence, France). In agreement with Chaos theory, the installation evolves from one exhibition to another and it is a completely renewed version which is presented in Moscow.
Alexandra Fau


19 September – 23 October 2011
Installation for the 4th Moscow biennale of contemporary art
Gallery “Komnata” (located in the Moscow theatre «School of Modern Play»)

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La graffiti-artist Miss Van décroche une exposition solo à la Jonathan LeVine Gallery, galerie exposant également Blek le Rat (dont se réclame Banksy) ou Invader, pour relever des artistes hexagonaux. Miss Van impulse un vent de féminité dans l’univers très ancré masculin du Street Art, avec ses figures féminines recolorées aux lèvres soulignées et à la bouche étroite. À l’occasion de cette exposition, l’artiste présentera la publication d’un nouvel ouvrage, Twinkles.
Miss Van est représentée à Paris par la galerie Magda Danysz.

Infos pratiques.
« Miss Van. Bailarinas ». Du 26 mai au 25 juin.
Jonathan LeVine Gallery | 529 West 20th Street, 9th Floor | New York, NY 10011 | Open Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 6pm | 212-243-3822

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Six personnalités du monde de la culture et de l’entreprise viennent de créer en France l’association YISHU 8, du nom de la maison YISHU 8 fondée à Pékin en 2009. Leur objectif  est  de favoriser les échanges culturels entre la France et la Chine et d’aller à la rencontre de l’énergie et du bouillonnement d’idées de la Chine d’aujourd’hui.

La création du prix YISHU8 est la première initiative de la toute nouvelle association : chaque année trois artistes français  seront invités à venir séjourner à Pékin pour vivre la Chine comme source d’inspiration et de stimulation, poursuivre leur travail au sein de la Maison YISHU 8 et y développer un projet novateur.


Les trois lauréats seront sélectionnés chaque année par un comité composé des fondateurs de l’association YISHU 8 et présidé par Michel Nuridsany.

•  L’artiste lauréat bénéficiera d’un lieu d’hébergement et d’un atelier de travail pendant 3 mois.

•  Le résident sera accueilli et aidé tout au long de son séjour par une personne dédiée.

•  Au cours de son séjour, pour contribuer à la vie de la résidence et participer à sa dimension interculturelle, des conférences et un workshop seront organisés avec l’artiste à YISHU 8.

• A l’issue de son séjour, il pourra exposer les œuvres produites.


Les fondateurs de l’association YISHU 8

Président : Henry-Claude Cousseau, directeur de l’Ecole des Beaux-arts de Paris;

Christine Cayol, directrice de Synthésis, Patrick de Carolis, journaliste, écrivain, producteur, Yves de Chaisemartin, président d’Altran; Gilles Fuchs, président de l’ADIAF, Association pour la Diffusion Internationale de l’Art Français.

Les lauréats du prix YISHU8 2011 (1ère édition)

Cécile Granier de Cassagnac, née à Paris en 1963, vit et travaille à Paris

Cécile Granier de Cassagnac a développé une pratique multiple allant de grands formats sur toile jusqu’à l’assemblage de petits insectes et  élabore son langage plastique autour de motifs récurrents : oiseaux, maisons, insectes, arbres, mains …

Patrick Neu, né  en 1963, vit et travaille à Enchenberg

Patrick Neu  sculpte depuis les années 1980 le cristal, la mie de pain, le plomb, la coquille d’œuf ou la cire d’abeille, il dessine, peint à la gouache, grave et pratique l’aquarelle sur papier.

Lionel Sabatté, né à Toulouse en 1975, vit et travaille à Paris

Ce jeune artiste utilise au gré de son inspiration le dessin, l’objet ou le film d’animation. Il sculpte le béton, dessine avec ses doigts, peint avec tout, bidouille des petites vidéos de 10 secondes.

Lionel Sabatté sera le premier artiste à s’envoler pour Pékin le 15 avril 2011  pour un  séjour de 3 mois  au sein de la Maison YISHU8. Il sera suivi par Patrick Neu en juin et Cécile Granier de Cassagnac en octobre.

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Photo de Pierre Huyghe par Aaron S. Davidson.

Pierre Huyghe vient de remporter le 9e prix d’art contemporain du Smithsonian Museum (Washington) pour l’année 2010. Il a été reconnu par un jury indépendant pour sa véritable force de proposition artistique hors des modèles conventionnels, faisant glisser ainsi l’art vers des territoires nouveaux. Il dépasse les frontières nationales et crée un art intégrant des thèmes et expériences universels. En parfait accord avec les missions de FAME.

Ce prix est doté d’un montant de 25 000 dollars (environ 20 000 euros), et un artiste américain ou résidant aux Etats-Unis âgé de moins de 50 ans. L’artiste est représenté par la galerie Marian Goodman à New York et Paris.


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Chandigarh, 2006 - 2007 Stéphane Couturier, Série „Chandigarh Replay“. © Stéphane Couturier

The Ursula Blickle Stiftung presents the Melting Point Series, the largest solo exhibition in Germany of the work of Stéphane Couturier. It features current photographic and cinematic works by the Paris-based artist, who since the late 1990s has been considered one of the major representatives of contemporary photography in France.

07.11. – 12.12.2010

Ursula Blickle Stiftung Mühlweg 18 76703 Kraichtal-Unteröwisheim +49 (0) 7251-60 91 9 http://www.ursula-blickle-stiftung.de

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